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What pehof aims



Basic and Quality Healthcare for everyone


Quality healthcare in under developed areas allows people to get the basic health care. It also helps enhancing the general population health. There will be improvement of ill people in the general population which lead to healthier and more productive population. Besides this, basic & quality healthcare system in under developed areas will also help reducing the spread of infectious disease as well other general health problems. People will also be more conscious of their condition and seek for medical treatment immediately when they are not well.


There will be no discrimination in the basic & quality healthcare system of PEHOF, this will become the lifesaver for thousands of people residing in under developed areas of Pakistan who may not afford or do not have the fund to pay for their healthcare. Every people in Pakistan from any social level may get sick and caught diseases; hence, will provide complete medical treatment without seeing the patient background.




PEHOF is committed to making top quality basic education available to all young people in under developed areas. We are working to transform the teaching of science in primary schools so that every pupil has an excellent first experience of science. We can use knowledge about how people learn to develop and test evidence informed teaching practices that help young people achieve more at school. So, we are committed to supporting and improving practical science in schools and colleges.




PEHOF provide support at home, transport and mobility aids to help people in under developed areas when they face a crisis in their daily lives. We support elderly, socially isolated or otherwise vulnerable people throughout the country. We have fundraising events to suit everyone. By fundraising for the PEHOF, you will be helping people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

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