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To respect for all segments of society based on justice and tolerance. The organization is committed to professionalism and good governance, transparency and accountability, participation and consensus, and simplicity in all its undertakings. Based on these rules, CSP has built a cadre of highly motivated functionaries possessing strong personal agenda and imbued with the spirit to excel in facilitating the disadvantaged.



  • To teach, educate the people about the health care, education, and provide them free medical facilities, for the treatment of diseases by setting up free dispensaries, free maternity homes and free hospitals.
  • To provide free shelter for orphans, widows and old aged support less persons provide them free amenities of life.
  • To aware the public at large about the use of narcotics and their dangerous effects, being injurious to health discourage drugs addicts.
  • To set-up free computer study center, information technology and also create awareness about the advantage of modern education.
  • To guide the parents to get their children educated for their bright future and not to send them to labor at restaurants and workshops.
  • To promote the awareness to eliminate the environment pollution and urge the people to grow more plants, trees etc., to ensure neat and healthy climate.
  • To provide free wheelchairs, prosthetics parts of body for the special persons.