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Khadija Free Medical Clinic

Khadija Free Medical Clinic has organised and made availability of a General Physician which will be servicing for 6 days in a week. Apart from that, and ENT specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, and a neurosurgeon is visits Khadija Free Medical Clinic once a week for 4-9 pm.


Khadija Free Medical Clinic is one of the major programs launched by PEHO Foundation. It aimed to bring quality healthcare services to needy and poor people. Under this medical clinic, hundreds of people take benefit monthly. And are able to manage recover from diseases which otherwise would cause them serious health problems.


Khadija Free Medical Clinic is registered as a private healthcare unit with Punjab Healthcare Commission. Since PEHOF is a genuine platform of charity and welfare, we put on efforts to make it genuine. This camp is giving medical services to the needful at 334-Eden Lane, Villas 2, Near DHA Rahbar, Lahore.


We are continually striving to grow setups like these, so that maximum part of the people who are deprived of basic healthcare facilities could gain a better healthy lifestyle.



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