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hygiene campaign in govt. schools


10 May 2019

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Hygiene Campaign in Government Schools

Hygiene Campaign in Government Schools

Location of the campaign

The campaign was started on a bright sunny day of 23rd April 2019 from a government  primary school, located at Salamat Pura, Thoker Niaz Baig. A total of 388 students was counseled there. Another government primary school in Gulzar Colony, Thokar Niaz Baig with a total of 386 students was catered the same day.

On 24th of April 2019 two government schools in the vicinity of township, namely Aslam junior model school and Tehzeeb ul Binnat model high school were given hygiene counseling.

Purpose of Campaign

“its good to share lunch but bad to share germs”

As summer is arriving with all its glory at the boom thus bringing multiple diseases and viruses along. So we planned a detailed activity for kids of government schools on how to keep the germs away.

This was to prevent kids from    getting sick by telling them how to keep yourself and environment clean. What is the right way of washing hands or sneezing. How to keep oneself healthy so that the germs wont attack you. How a healthy body keeps a healthy mind. Why is it necessary to be hygienically fit and what it takes to be germs free.

Enforcement Tools

Worksheets on hygiene and dental care were prepared so as to make children learn in an interesting manner. Doctor gave a lecture on hygiene which was surely more effective than a teacher’s lecture. Kids were taught about germs and diseases through the help of standees and chart papers prepared by our efficient team. Moreover at the end, each classroom was provided with hand sanitises, which will urge every student to keep his/her hands germs free all the time.


Kids were so thoroughly involved both mentally and physically in all the activities planned for them. They were very responsive to the questions asked and wanted to learn and know more about proper hygiene.


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