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30 September 2019

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Earthquake Relief

The 2019 Kashmir earthquake struck Azad Kashmir on 24 September at 16:02 local time. It had a magnitude of 5.6 Mw and a maximum felt the intensity of VII (very strong) on the modified Mercalli scale. There was severe damage in Mirpur district, causing the deaths of 40 people and injuring a further 850.

The earthquake caused severe damage to 135 houses in Mirpur District, with a further 319 being partially damaged, most in Mirpur and just four in Bhimber District. Two bridges were reported damaged and parts of several roads were affected, particularly 14 km of the Main Jatlan Road.

In this hour of distress and gloom, our team decided to play its role and on Sunday 29th, September 2019 we arrived at the earthquake effected area along with the team of doctors and volunteers. 

Doctors attended more than 500 patients and provided free medicines, whereas our volunteer team was busy providing ration which includes atta, rice, daal, dry milk powder, sugar, rusk, biscuits and mineral water to 600 affectees.

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