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Case Study

Patient Name: Samreen

Father’s Name: Akhtar Ali

Age: 5 Years

Address: Village Mewat Warah, Lahore

Presenting Complaint

Patient presented to us on 14-08-2017 with infected index finger, middle finger and thumb of left hand.


The patient was in her usual state of health. She had high voltage electric shock due to which her left hand was affected. At her first presentation at “KHADIJA FREE MEDICAL CLINIC” (a project of Preventive Education Health Oriented Foundation) her wounds were critically infected for which these wounds were being washed with ē Normal saline and dressing was done for almost one week. Then we referred the patient to Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore, where doctors recommend her for Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery along with amputation of middle finger and covering of thumb was done on 29-08-2017. This surgery was fully sponsored by Preventive Education Health Oriented Foundation.
By the grace of Almighty Allah and due to hard work of Khadija Free medical Clinic’s staff and with help of Preventive Education Health Oriented Foundation now she has recovered.